How to participate

There are two ways of participating:

  • Being interviewed.
  • Making a video response to one or many of the already existing interviews. The video response can be done directly by anybody or it can be requested. In addition to that you can always write a response to any of the videos, directly as a comment.

In both cases please contact:

Criteria for deciding who to interview:

  • Choosing people who play a very particular role within the structure of dance in berlin, for example: being a dancer or choreographer for many years in this city, or a curator, or director of a dance school, or a person who runs a venue, founder of a space or a person who is active in cultural politics…
  • Intuition asking people that I don´t know at all and who can bring different points of view.
  • People that I personally know and that I believe they can enrich the conversation.
  • People recommending me other people